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Company Overview

We provide the best advantages and best specialists to set up productive and strategic partnerships thanks to our team which is committed to the highest professional standards and equipped with various disciplines, in addition to the vision that distinguishes us from others. Through our business, our goal is to establish a safe, successful, and sustainable partnership and to apply the best technology wholeheartedly.

XPLOREMINDS INNOVATING TECHNOLOGY Company, the ‎technical arm of Xploreminds Group, is one of the companies that ‎started making its way in the Asian region of UAE with capital "Abudhabi" along with "God’s Own Country" ‎in India, specifically from the Punalur, Kollam, Kerala where it was ‎founded in 2023. It aims to provide the highest level of security by ‎applying the best technology and the highest international standards ‎in the field of security and security systems and services. 

In XPLOREMINDS INNOVATING TECHNOLOGY ‎, we strive to be one of the most prominent companies that provide guarding and security methods on international standards. We are in partnership with companies and commercial organizations with vast experience and projects executed internationally and locally.

Don’t you have an IT resource or IT is struggling to keep pace with your growth? Our services make sure that IT is always working for your business. In addition to ensuring the installation and normal operation of your equipment and software, our team also provides you with measures to improve your working environment, thereby increasing your productivity. Understand what makes our offer unique.

Xploreminds Innovating Technology is an emphasis on security and system integration, promoted and managed by industry experts. In addition, the company, within the framework of its contentment to consolidate the quality policy in providing its services, is in the process of obtaining all certificates related to quality, such as (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001 & ISO 27001)

Become an ideal partner for information security services, and work with partners to achieve real market value, high transfer, and high quality.

Leading provider of ICT and digital Solutions, Building Value by integrating People, Processes, and Technology, Partnering with leading companies and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to help clients address Disruptions.

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At Secury, we offer a comprehensive range of security solutions designed to protect you, your assets, and your peace of mind.





Residential Security Transportation Security Cybersecurity
Residential Security Transportation Security Cybersecurity

Identification of Assets

The first step is to identify what needs protection. This includes physical assets like buildings, equipment, and inventory, as well as digital assets like data, networks, and software, and human assets such as employees or VIPs.


Threat Assessment

Evaluate potential threats that could harm the identified assets. Threats can be natural (e.g., earthquakes, floods), human (e.g., theft, cyberattacks), or environmental (e.g., fires, chemical spills).


Vulnerability Assessment

Determine the weaknesses or vulnerabilities in the security of the assets. This involves assessing how susceptible each asset is to the identified threats.


Risk Analysis

Calculate the level of risk by combining the likelihood of a threat occurring with the potential impact it would have on the asset. This helps prioritize security measures.

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