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At Xploreminds Information technologies, we are providing ELV solutions that comply with the required safety and security requirements and meet local, regional, and international standards. A few applications of our ELV systems include a physical security system

  • Video analytics system
  • Thermal imaging system
  • Access control and management system
  • Video surveillance system
  • Structured Network Cabling
  • AV & BGM Solutions
  • Structured Cabling


We give you new reliability, great availability, as well as the flexibility to expand your presence in world-leading facilities. We remove risks from digital transformation with infrastructure that is proven and trusted by the most demanding organizations, including government, financial services, gaming, and cloud service providers. When you choose our data center solutions, you will benefit from a growing ecosystem of world-class infrastructure delivered with local knowledge and expertise. We are here to give you a solution:

  • Power Systems
  • Cooling Systems
  • DCIM
  • Fire Alarm & Suppression System
  • Rack & Containment System
  • Data Center Interiors
  • Sensitive Compartmented Information Faculty (SCIF)


Grow your business with the latest networking solutions that keep your employees connected and productive wherever they are. You can be confident that whatever demands the future brings – from scale to speed to sustainability – we will work with you to find the answers and best networking solutions. We will keep your operations running 24/7. We are providing the following:

  • Networking solution
  • Structure cabling
  • Routing & switching
  • Perimeter & core firewalls
  • Wireless networking
  • IP telephony


Holography represents a new frontier in visual technology, surpassing traditional photography and film. It introduces unprecedented possibilities, such as revolutionary product presentations through its three-dimensional nature. A 3D hologram brings products, objects, and animated sequences to life in a way that allows them to seemingly float freely in space. Unlike a standard monitor’s display of a movie, a 3D hologram is visible from all angles, enabling viewers to walk around it, generating an incredibly lifelike image. Of particular interest is the fact that a 3D hologram can be viewed by everyone without the need for 3D glasses, making it especially suitable for use in exhibitions, a distinct advantage compared to 3D TV or Virtual Reality.


Digital forensic solutions encompass a range of methods and tools applied in examining digital devices, data, and networks to reveal evidence for investigative or legal needs. These encompass specialized software and practices tailored for gathering, safeguarding, scrutinizing, and presenting digital data in a manner that upholds forensic standards. These techniques find application across multiple domains like criminal investigations, cybersecurity cases, legal matters, and corporate probes, enabling the extraction and analysis of information from computers, mobile devices, networks, and other digital origins. Ultimately, the aim is to ascertain, protect, and present evidence while upholding its integrity for utilization in legal proceedings or investigative documentation.


Xploreminds Information technologies provides a comprehensive suite of services and solutions to help you improve business performance to become fast, efficient, and scalable. We follow best practices, methodologies, and expertise related to information technology infrastructure solution which covers:

  • Servers & Storage
  • Converged and Hyper converged Solution.
  • High-Performance Computing (HPC)
  • Workspace and Server Virtualization
  • Containerization
  • Private, Public, and Hybrid Cloud Solutions


AI and robotics solutions, merging artificial intelligence with robotic systems, cover diverse technologies aimed at automating tasks, boosting efficiency, and tackling industry-wide challenges. These encompass autonomous vehicles, industrial robots, smart assistants, healthcare robotics, and various other applications, all designed to cater to unique requirements and elevate productivity or well-being across different sectors.

  • Data fabric
  • Data lake
  • Data Management
  • Data science
  • Data warehouse
  • Customer experience
  • Business automation
  • DevOps automation
  • Application performance management
  • Application delivery


To benefit as much as possible from the digital reality, which has become a clear trend in the whole world and India in particular, we, at Xploreminds,  help you transform your theoretical data into digital to advance your business space from the stage of paper to the computer and from there to a wider horizon, all in flexible and accessible ways so that we give a strategic dimension to your business, data and everything related to your business. This will contribute to saving a lot of time, reducing costs, and achieving flexibility while increasing productivity. minimize mistakes and focus on customer satisfaction. This is a bundle of all we offer within this range:

    • IT modernization
    • Big data & data analytics
    • Robotic process automation (RPA)
    • Consulting on digital transformation services


  • Identity and Privilege Access Management (PAM)
  • Integrated Risk Management.
  • Threat Detection and Response.
  • Application and Email Security.
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
  • Cloud Security
  • Security Operation Center (SoC)

Digital Marketing Services

Absolutely, digital marketing solutions can encompass a wide range of strategies and services. To tailor recommendations, could you specify your goals or the areas you’re interested in? Are you looking for SEO, social media marketing, PPC advertising, content marketing, email marketing, or a combination of these?


Xploreminds IT consultancy offers a broad array of services, such as providing guidance on technology strategies, assisting with software and hardware selection, integrating systems, enhancing cybersecurity, implementing cloud solutions, managing data, planning IT infrastructure, facilitating digital transformation, and more. Consultants typically customize their services to address individual client requirements, offering specialized expertise and advice across multiple facets of technology and business.


  • Building Urban Platform in data collection/Processing & AI along with Real time monitoring

  • IMSI/IMEI/MAC Catcher & Localization Tactical System 2G/3G/4G/5G/Wi-Fi

  • Most advanced analog video-scanning systems

  • Weapon Management system with RFID & Facial Recognition

  • Fleet Management system with IOT devices & 5G technology

  • Cryptocurrency Intelligence for Law Enforcement along with blockchain investigation
    software along with Opensource intelligence

  • Electronic Shredders

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